Amsterdam Surfing

homepage-kicker-3Do you know why people love visiting Amsterdam?

Well, it’s because there are a lot of things to do in Amsterdam!

And among those things are water sports. Surfing, to be exact. Wakesurf boarding to be more precise!

Wait, what’s wakesurf boarding, you ask?

This may sound like a relatively new surfing activity but it seems like wakesurfing has been around for a long time. It’s just that wakesurf boarding used to be an aspect or surfing that eventually branched out and created its very own movement just recently.

Now you have boards and boats specifically designed for wakesurf boarding. Boards are specifically designed to have the ability to skim over the wake while boats are designed to create larger wakes by consciously weighing it down to increase the mass traveling through the water.

How do you wakesurf?

You start by sitting on the board with a rope in hand and allow yourself to get gently pulled by the lead boat. There are many variations to this initial move but it basically falls down to being pulled by the lead boat on the side of the wake that you want to ride on.

As soon as you hit the target speed and the correct pitch, shape and length of the wake is achieved, let go of the rope simply by tossing it towards the boat or to the side for those on the boat to simply pull it in for the next ride.

This is the fun part: now that you’ve let go of the roper, it’s your decision on how to maneuver the board you’re on to take full advantage of the wave.

downloadThere’s a growing community of wakesurfers on the rise and although a lot of these people started out as total newcomers to the surfing scene, it has become a very popular sport anyone can enjoy!

On a final note, wakesurf boarding is a very exciting activity and it can get very addictive quickly as the adrenaline rush achieved from this is incomparable to other water sports. Be a responsible wakesurf boarder and do it on the open beaches as this activity requires the creation of large ripples through the use of a lead vehicle (boat) which could affect those around you in a negative way through the waves you make. Do it in an area where wakesurfing is designed to be enjoyed like the Beaches of Amsterdam!

Amsterdam Surfing

stand-up-paddleboard-lesson1If you’ve never been on a stand-up paddle board before, then a nice place to learn how to and take in sights at the same time is in Amsterdam.

Amsterdam is a city chock full of canals. And these canals didn’t just sprout overnight. The city planners designed these canals back in the 17th century. It makes you wonder if they could see the future.

There are 4 concentric canals designed for Amsterdam and this was meant to cater to the growing needs of the city in terms of population growth as well as an influx of tourists in the area.

There are many ways to enjoy the city’s sights and sounds. You can choose to ride a bicycle, tram or train or you can go by boat. But, if you’re looking for a more solitary experience and get a little workout on the side, then why don’t you try stand-up paddle boarding?

Who would have thought that this African war activity would become what it is today which is a leisurely or sporty outdoor activity.

A stand-up board is basically a bigger version of the surfboard. Because a board this size is often deemed unwieldy, the development of the inflatable stand up paddle boards came into existence. Now you have Stand-up boards that can easily be transported in a large backpack that anyone can carry.

Although they are inflatable, it doesn’t mean that this type of Stand-up board is inferior to a standard surf board. In fact, inflated to the recommended 30Psi and you have a board that is just as rigid and durable as a surf board.

A paddle comes standard with this activity as you will need it to move through the water. Any paddle is acceptable as long as it has the basic construction of blade, shaft and handle.

You’ll have to wear a waterproof suit to travel through the canals of Amsterdam on a stand-up Paddle Board because you don’t want to ruin your outfit. This is a great way to take in the stand-up-paddle-boards-770x300sights and sounds of the city without the noise of other tourists around and at the pace that you dictate.

This is a great activity that anyone can greatly benefit from in terms of mobility around the city and getting a workout. If you haven’t tried it yet, there are instructors in Amsterdam who can show you how to do it. Within a short time you should be able to handle this like a Pro!

Just make sure that you also wear a life vest for safety’s sake when stand-up paddle boarding around Amsterdam!

Amsterdam Beach Hotels

This is a Dutch colonial style resort located 5 km away from Aruba National Archaeological Museum. It is one of the hotels in Amsterdam ranked high among the best. The hotel is not too busy and is set in a quiet and a relaxed environment.  The facility’s staff is friendly and you will have an opportunity to enjoy their smiles and the laughs as they serve you

This Dutch colonial style hotel constructed between the calm water of Aruba eagle beach and white sand is an ideal hotel for anyone looking for a facility that can allow him to swim, sunbath, and engage in snorkeling any time he wants.

The restaurant offers a seductive setting on the sands and gives guests a chance to dine at Mango’s restaurant.  The facility offers international cuisines, free Wi-Fi and flat TV screens. The suites and studio features balconies, patios, and gives one a lifetime opportunity to view the beautiful ocean from the patio.

Amsterdam Manor Beach Resort Aruba is one of the top hotels that promise to give you a memorable and intimate experience. The hotel is known for a relaxing atmosphere and features the following:

amsterdam-manor-arubaFully equipped studio and suites that includes:

  • Penthouse suite
  • Honeymoon suite
  • 2bedroom suite
  • 1 bedroom suite
  • Superior studio
  • Standard studio

Rooms that feature a fully equipped kitchen with the following:

  • Refrigerator
  • Pots and pans
  • Microwave
  • Blender
  • Coffee make
  • Tableware

Beautiful rooms that feature the following:

  • In room safety deposit box
  • Hairdryer
  • iPhone docking station
  • Ironing board
  • Flat screen television
  • Television cable
  • Direct dial telephone


Other Amenities

Amsterdam Manor Beach Resort boasts of a number of amenities ranging from terrace, poolside bar, freshwater outdoor pool, children’s pool, a beach bar, and an upper deck that allows you to enjoy sunset views. If you love sun loungers, cabanas and umbrellas, you will get them all at the resort.

Meals Served

The facility serves a number of dishes including barbecue buffet, complementary cocktail, party dishes, and many more. You will also choose breakfast and la carte dinners, which feature Aruban and Mexican buffet.


The restaurant offers a romantic view of the ocean and serves specialized seafood dishes and children menus.

Horizon Bar

The bar is located on the second floor.  It is an open air bar that allows you to have a view of the ocean as you enjoy your drink.

Immediate activities nearby

The facility is located across a narrow street in Amsterdam, which features palm trees, fresh water for swimming, and thatched roof shades.  There are plenty of water sports activities to engage in, such as personal watercraft rentals and parasailing.  Also, there are plenty of recreational activities to take part in such as golfing, scuba diving, windsurfing, mountain biking, personal motorized watercraft, golf lessons and biking.


3558397691_f251b1d75aSpecial orders 

One must have government-issued photo identification, a cash deposit or credit card

Any other special request can be availed subject to availability and may incur an extra charge.


  • The resort requires reservation.
  • Most of the activities available are meant for people above 21 years.
  • The check-in time for these events is 4 pm.
  • Guests wishing to arrive before or after the check-in time must contact the management in advance.
  • Although children are welcome, you will be allowed to have a maximum of two children aged below 12 years
  • If you own a pet and you would like to have it accommodated on the facility, you will be charged $10 per night. Cats and dogs are not the only pets allowed in the facility.


Amsterdam Manor Beach Resort Aruba is one of the facilities in Amsterdam with revamped rooms that offer comfortability that will make you feel at home as soon as you enter your suite. All the 72 rooms are spacious and beautifully designed. They are all air conditioned and non- smoking.  The rooms offer views of the ocean, the pool, or the courtyard. This makes the hotel ideal for people planning to have a vacation in Amsterdam.

Amsterdam Beach Hotels


Amsterdam beach hotels are situated close to a cozy village and just a few meters away from the beautiful North beach. Most of the hotels have been renovated and give an excellent view of the sea. Once you lodge in at any of the facilities, you will be guaranteed of a tasteful dinner or lunch and an appetizing breakfast buffet. The facilities feature family rooms, triple rooms, double rooms, twin rooms and single rooms.

Amsterdam Beach Hotels feature:

  • Free Wi-Fi for guests.
  • Free accommodation to children up to 2 years.
  • Baby beds on request
  • Free buffet breakfast for guests
  •  24 hour reception, room service, luggage room, laundry service, excursion desk and bicycle hire.
  • Accommodation for Pets.


Zandvoort Amsterdam Beach Hotel

When you step your foot in Amsterdam, you should get a hotel that can distract you from the problems you left behind, help you to settle fast and relax. You also need ample time to help you focus on the business that brought you to Amsterdam. This means that you should get involved in exciting activities to help you recuperate from the fatigue caused by your day to day responsibilities at home. Zandvoort beach hotel is one of the facilities that promise to give you the best while in Amsterdam.

This is a perfect place to stay and enjoy your vacation. The hotel has nice rooms with beautiful bathrooms fitted with showers. It is a nice place for anyone looking forward to a lovely breakfast that includes fresh oranges, bread, eggs, coffee, tea and cereal.

Zandvoort beach hotel is certainly one of the beautiful hotels strategically located in a friendly environment with a friendly staff. The facility has big rooms and well cleaned bathrooms. It is a quiet hotel designed and decorated with hidden gem stones from Europe.

This is an ideal facility for anyone looking for a hotel that is close to the beach, and which allows one to enjoy his stay as he/she engages in exciting sporting activities. Zandvoort beach hotel is a luxurious hotel with decent sized rooms and a well trained staff that will serve you at a short notice. The facility is strategically located and is a few meters away from major centers of attraction in Amsterdam.

The hotel has lovely beds and is only a few seconds walk away from a shopping street. It will take you ten minutes to walk to the train station where there are a number of express trains that leave for Amsterdam every 30 minutes. Depending on the areas you want to visit, you can choose to rent a bike to explore the dunes, found in the north and the south of Zandvoort.  While at the facility, you can hire a bike to take you to Haarlem and have fun.

It does not matter the time you arrive. You will always get a member of the staff to attend to you. You will also have enough time to visit and enjoy yourself at the lovely beach any time.
If you are plannifile_1941369435178896389620x310ng to visit Amsterdam, grab this opportunity and enjoy yourself at the clean and precious Zandvoort beach hotel.



Zandvoort beach hotel is a perfect place for visitors looking forward to a wonderful stay in Amsterdam. The hotel is strategically located, beautifully designed, and has a friendly staff. It is clean, quiet and close to the beach. It is certainly a lovely place to be while in Amsterdam.

Amsterdam Surfing

paddle-boarding-and-healthStandup paddleboarding refers to an offshoot used in surfing. The rider stands on the paddle and propels himself through the water.  It is the latest outdoor sporting activity, which is becoming popular in beach areas. The riders can paddle in lakes, canals, in rivers and rapids. The paddlers wear a number of suits and clothing depending on the prevailing weather conditions.

Paddleboarding can be done by kneeling on a board or by standing up and paddle surfing.  It is similar to canoeing since the paddler can stand on the board and propel the paddle.

Standup paddle traces its origin to Africa where people used to stand up on their canoes and propel themselves forward on paddles.  As a sport, stand-up paddle boarding can be traced to Hawaii where the surfers operated boards. SUP activities were continued in Tel Aviv where lifeguards were allowed to stand on boards so that they could see swimmers that were in distress. Lifeguards patrolled and used a paddle to propel themselves when on a recovery mission.

Beach board surfing was introduced in 19440s. In 1990s, SUP was taught in surf schools in Hawaii. It became popular and was used as a way of standing on boards during incoming swells. It was then referred to as Beach board surfing.  In 2003, the sport was added on the infamous Buffalo Big Board Contest.  Many surfers chose to take part in the sport.

In 2013, paddle boarding was listed among the most popular outdoor activities in participants who were taking part in the sport for the very first time. The game attracts people whose median age is 28 years.  According to the Outdoor Foundation’s report for 2015, it was found that about 2.8 million Americans took part in the stand –up paddle boarding. The game attracted teenagers aged 14-17.  Also, it attracted more males than females.

The SUP boards costs between $600-3500 and uses glass reinforced plastics such as epoxy resin and polyester compatible with expanded polystyrene foam. There are SUP boards that are constructed from hollow wood instead of using epoxy resin. The modern foams are longer, about 9 feet, and have features like concave hulls and decks.

In many parts of the United States, the game is treated as bodysurfing or any other type of surfboard riding. It is classified as a vessel by the US Coast Guard just like kayaks and canoes.

Individuals can be propelled across the surface of water while standing on the surfboard using a standup paddle. The paddle is made up of shaft, blade and a handle.  Ideally, paddles are constructed from fiberglass, carbon or wood.  The flat end is connected to a handle at the other end of a smooth shaft. The blade could have width of about 67- 86 inches and a diameter of about 1 to 1.5 inches. The paddles are designed in different shapes, depending on the paddling conditions in which they are to be used.


Inflatable Standup Paddleboards

Traditionally, surfboards were made from laminated layers. However, they were heavy and cumbersome to travel with. This led to the development of inflatable system which can easily be carried around. They are made from light drop stitch materials hence they are easy to carry around. Some of the best inflatable standup paddleboards on the market are very popular for the beginner!

paddle-1There are no strict regulations on the use of such personal floatation devices. However there are localized regulations on the use of the devices on rivers, lakes and inland waterway. It is recommended that leash be used since it enhances the safety of paddles.  There are specially designed leashes that can be used in any given environment.

One requires a paddle of the correct size and length if he wants to comfortably paddle surf. The paddle should be 5 to 7 inches longer than the height of the rider for effective surfing. If it is to be used for racing, it should be 10 inches above the rider’s head.  Ideally, paddles are held with two hands spread wide so as to increase the grip.  In fact, it is recommended that you hold the paddle by its blade if you want to get the best results. Note that it is important for paddle be tilted away from your body. This makes it easier to propel the paddler through the water faster. You can also opt to use the push-pull method as a paddling tactic. It is an ideal method of paddling. The method requires that a paddle be gently inserted in water and pulled backward as you lift it back into the water.